St Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna (Austria)

Favourite Destination: Vienna (Austria) Superb Architecture, Beautiful parks, Relaxing vibe. A perfect destination.

Food Most Enjoyed While Travelling: Mezzis in Lebanon. While staying at the Pension Hadaad in Tripoli (Northern Lebanon) I tasted some of the most delicious and memorable food washed down with great Lebanese beer. (The arak was a winner also!)

Most Memorable Hospitality: While travelling on the bus between Tehran and Esfahan in Iran I met 'Farid' and he invited me for a delicious dinner and a traditional water pipe smoke with his family at their house in Esfahan.

Sightseeing Highlights: Persepolis in Iran, St Stephen's Cathedral and Schönbrunn palace in Vienna, Chaukundi tombs in Karachi, Masai Mara National Park in Kenya, Palmyra in Syria and Darjeeling in India.

Travel is always the best cure.     Tim

Giraffe, Masai Mara National Park (Kenya)

Toy Train, Darjeeling (India)